About Us

Who are Awakened Together?

awakened together

Mission statement

It’s a strange time in the world right now but every  challenge brings with it an opportunity to learn and grow. these challenges have inspired us to create forward focused solutions.  

Our vision is to create an online eco system to bring a list of resources and services that support freedom of choice and bodily integrity, all on one platform . We aim to connect communities of like minded people from around Ireland encouraging a feeling of support in people’s lives. Our goal is to empower others so that they can live a more self sufficient fulfilled  life.

But most of all we believe in fairness and that each individual is equal to the next and entitled to the same standard of living and the same treatment. This statement is true regardless of income, education or title.


Make Your Own Choices

Life is about making your own choices. You can choose how to live your life rather than letting life happen to you. Be present in every moment of your life and live the journey. We hope our website will help you live this journey to it’s fullest.

LIFE is a journey