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Grow your own organic vegetables, greens and fruit and your family can enjoy healthy, tasty produce all year round. Growing organic vegetables means growing without the use of chemicals, pesticides and herbicides for more nutrient dense, better tasting food. 


100% Self sufficiency in food is not achievable for most people but even a small percentage helps not only environment but your health and also restores connection to the earth and an appreciation of real food
!!!Be aware that this food chain don’t show chain for “food like substances” that are manufactured and have nothing to do with real whole food. Junk food is different animal altogether and its chain would probably fill the whole chart
Most people growing organic fruit and veg know they are far more healthy and delicious that shop bought or commercially grown. But its not just subjective feeling and less pesticides residues.
This study finds: “Without the synthetic chemical pesticides applied on conventional crops, organic plants tend to produce more phenols and polyphenols to defend against pest attacks and related injuries. Organic crops also contain higher antioxidants levels”
There you go 🙂

How To Grow Organic Vegetables

To grow healthy organic vegetables you need to start with healthy soil. The most important part in any soil is the organic matter e.g. manure, compost, peat moss, or compost.

Grow It Bio Ltd is a family run business, established in 2017 by Tomas, Monika and Marian Novak. The specialise in manufacturing organic plant feed and soil conditioners and are advocates of growing organic. Based on family knowledge passed down for generations, tracing back to Czechoslovakia when food self-sufficiency was standard, they have developed range of plant based slow release organic pellets, which are certified by Irish Organic Association.

Their products are currently sold online as well as in many garden centres across Ireland. They also supply high quality wheat free bird feed through their website

All Grow It Bio products are packaged sustainably without the use of soft plastic bags and all packaging is fully recyclable.

Visit their Facebook Group dedicated to sharing their knowledge on organic growing, pest control and food preservation tips. 

Why Feed Wild Birds?

One answer – insect control!

Inviting wild birds into your garden is great for insect control. Laying out ready food for birds encourages them to also eat slugs, worms, snails, spiders and other insects which may harm your plants.