Where to buy organic? Below are a list of physical and online organic food shops, organic farms, clothing providers and everything else organic available in Ireland.

What Is Organic?

Organic means a natural product produced according to strict organic farming and manufacturing principles. Organic works in harmony with nature rather than against. 

 To be organic means;

  • avoiding the use of chemicals or fertilisers,
  • requiring the highest of animal welfare standards in farming,
  • protecting environmental biodiversity by maintaining natural habitats,
  • not allowing the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Is Organic Better For Me?

Organically grown food contains no pesticides or chemicals, have fewer multi-drug resistant bacteria and no genetically modified organisms, which is better for everyone and the environment.


Organic produced cotton is grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides making the finished product ideal for sensitive skin. Organic clothing is much more durable and hard wearing than non organic clothing, GOTS Certified Organic.

Why Is Organic More Expensive?

Organic items tend to be more expensive than their non organic counterparts for a number of reasons;

  1. Organic food is grown naturally, without the use of artificial growth hormones or similar,
  2. Organic farming is more labour intensive as weeding etc. is done by hand rather than the use of sprays,
  3. Organic food has a shorter shelf life due to  not being irradiated or exposed to chemical preservations.

Interested in buying organic food? Browse a directory of Irish Organic Growers in Ireland.

Where Can I Buy Organic?

Farm Produce

N&M organic grocers Athlone
N&M Organic Grocers sell organic fruit & vegetables | Athlone
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Clothing & Products

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organic baby clothes
Organic Baby Clothing & Accessories
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